Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden

Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University is home to the Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden. Jesse Turner is proud to have been the landscape architect and lead site designer for this exciting public garden.

The Discovery Garden is not only a place to have fun and explore, but a place for learning and understanding the natural world. Vegetable gardens, an edible food forest, a restored tobacco barn, stormwater filtration demonstration, rainwater catchment, and not to mention chickens and honeybees are all a part of the visitor experience. Certified by the Sustainable Sites Initiative pilot program, receiving two stars, the garden is one of the top destinations to see how green garden management practices are put into action.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University
Design Team
Jesse Turner, Lead Landscape Architect and Site Designer
Ellen Cassilly Architecture, PA, Architect
Sarah Parsons, Intern and Sustainable SITES Coordinator
Site and Utility Design, PA, Engineer
John R. McAdams, Consulting Engineer
LeChase Construction, Contractor