Jesse Turner Landscape Architect

Wow, time flies! It's been 5 years since Jesse started practicing landscape architecture independently and there have been some changes. The first thing that has changed is Jesse. He's a little older, has a few more kids, and feels even more confident in his work. He started practicing under the name Jesse Turner Landscape Architect (JTLA) but in the past 5 years he's realized that growing a business involves welcoming partners and new colleagues. So, he founded Lift[ED] along with Andy Fox. This leads us to another change: Andy. What a welcome change it is to have a partner that cares equally as deeply about clients and is so passionate about his work! This is an awesome change. We're having a blast!

There have been many changes, many new clients, loads of wonderful opportunities, and they have all been AWESOME!

As they say, "the only constant is change". So, to be consistent, we've retired Jesse Turner Landscape Architect's website and redirected it to here.

Things have changed, for the better. Welcome, change.