Lift is born!

After careful thought and somewhat mind-numbing consideration, we finally decided that Lift is the name that describes us best. You will find that [ED] is often included in the name, meaning "Environmental Design". We are very happy to have landed upon this name, and we want to share with you exactly how it happened:

Jesse was driving home from a client interview with The Family Preschool in Durham NC when, out of the clear blue, Lift popped in his mind. After a two hour interview with a caring preschool director and an involved parent, his mind was swimming with thoughts. The school needs some help raising money to convert their existing playground into a real outdoor learning environment. Jesse offered to help them out by attending a board meeting to help them understand what would be involved in designing and building a super-engaging place for kids to enjoy being outside. Jesse was off to a great day, having not only met with a potential client but they were exactly the kind of client that he really enjoys working with: ones that are passionate about what they do. Jesse sees this as an opportunity to create a partnership and long-lasting relationship with people that he admires and respects. So, naturally, he thought "uplifting people is what I enjoy most about my work". Jesse called Andy and they both agreed that when something feels right, it almost always is.

And so Lift[ED] was born.